Your turn-key solution to Connectivity 
Providing best-in-class cell tower services ...and so much more.

        The team at NAV has been providing a full suite of cellular services to the largest wireless carriers throughout the Southeastern United States for nearly 15 years. Whether its deploying new services, upgrading an existing site, or trouble shooting a problem, NAV's expert staff delivers a level of service that is second to none.

Services include:
PIM Testing / Diagnostic Sweeps
/ Site Upgrades
Maintenance / Documented Audits
3rd Party Inspection / Tower Mapping

Microwave / Repair services

Bringing Outdoor coverage Indoors

        With years of cellular expertise and a proven reputation working on the outside macro network, the NAV team also brings connectivity to the place where many people need it most - inside their building. .
DAS: Distributed Antenna Systems
         Who hasn't experienced the frustration of having a perfectly good cell phone signal outdoors, only to lose it after entering a building? Concrete structures, metal beams, and even energy efficient windows are no friends to radio frequency (RF) waves that transmit and receive mobile cell signals.
         To compound the problem, the advent of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices has put a tremendous strain on the current cell tower system that was originally designed for voice only. And studies have shown that up to 75% of all cell phone calls either originate or terminate inside of a building

Why should you be concerned?

- Lost productivity: Workers not being able to communicate with customers, co-workers or accessing vital information on the internet due to poor connectivity.
- Frustrated Customers: The public does not like to be disconnected from the "outside world" while shopping, visiting or being entertained inside your premises.
- Emergency situations: Poor cell phone coverage in a building can be detrimental to the efforts of first responders to communicate with each other as well as with potential victims.
- Updated Fire Codes: Many states and municipalities are in the process of adopting newly upgraded national fire code standards (NFPA1: Annex O - 2009) requiring specific RF coverages to be met for public safety.

        NAV is your turn-key solution
for bringing all of the components and players together to implement a robust In-Building Cellular Network:

        - On-site survey
        - Coverage Needs & Analysis
        - Design Package
        - Carrier Collaboration
        - Professional Installation
        - On-going Maintenance and Support

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